At Bounce Back Osteopathy Adelaide, we treat a wide range musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.

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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a gentle form of manual medicine, recognising the important link between structure and function.

Not only do Osteopaths focus on joints, muscles and the movement of the musculoskeletal system, they address the tendons, ligaments, nervous system, circulation, fascia and connective tissue. They see the body as a holistic unit, and treat accordingly, supporting the body’s self healing mechanism.

An Osteopath will not just assess the area causing pain, but treat the whole person. 

Osteopaths identify dysfunction in your body using a range of diagnostic and orthopaedic tests, palpation of tissues, and a thorough screen of motion in joints.

Once a diagnosis has been formed, your osteopath will put together an individualized treatment plan consisting of treatment, education and rehabilitation.


 Techniques include;

  • Soft tissue massage and myofascial release
  • Joint Mobilisation and joint manipulation
  • Gentle HVLA techniques
  • Trigger point dry needling
  • Muscle stretching
  • Cranial Osteoapthy, Biodynamics, and Visceral Osteoapthy

Being primary health practitioners, Osteopaths are required to undertake 5 years of university study, and are registered with AHPRA, the national health regulation board.

Osteopaths are trained in anatomy, physiology, pathology, general medical diagnosis and osteopathic techniques.

This ensures that your osteopath understands your condition and knows when to refer to an appropriate specialist if further investigation is required